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Sooooooooo glad it’s the weekend!!!!!!!

Sooooooooo glad it’s the weekend!!!!!!!

Sooooooooo glad it’s the weekend!!!!!!!

Who has time to blog??

I read an article the other day about blogging.  It was very controversial, and went back and forth between different opinions about social media, and its relevance in today’s professional business environment. 

I have to be honest, a social presence on the web is something that I knew nothing about 6 months ago.  I never had a MySpace page or even a Facebook page until a friend came over to my house I had not seen for a really long time.  This guy was popular in high school, but he was no prom king.  Somehow he knew what was going on with EVERYBODY.  I just didn’t get it.

He got on my computer, and brought up his FB account, and boom, he had like 10 of my really close friends from back home that I had not seen for years and had no idea what they were doing.  But in my face was pictures of their wives, kids, motorcycles, homes, sports, trips to Vegas….. whatever.

From that day forward I have been captured by the opportunities that social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, U-Tube, WordPress etc….. create and how they simplify the process of staying in touch with old contacts and a means of creating new ones. Not to mention they are all FREE!  For now anyway.  I’m just really excited about the virtual world that I have penetrated and look forward to opportunities to expand my understanding of this awesome technology.

Back to this article that I’m not going to leave a link to because I think there was way to much drama and I don’t want people to get the wrong impression.  I think Social Media and using it to market your business is the best way to save money and  time when trying to reach a mass market of people.  The opportunity cost is less expensive than telemarketing and more personal than a post card. 

The bulk of the controversy that I see on the net about social media comes down to all these platforms like hootsuite, tweetdeck, and ping taking the “Social” out of Social Media.  I’m still a fairly novus user, but I’m very excited about how these platforms  update all the different sites fast, easy, and offer a more realistic means of keeping 5-20 social markets current. I’m

interested to see if any of you blogging veterans have any suggestions or comments that could help me continue to grow my web presence and the best way to use these tools to grow my business.

Thanks for reading and any help you can offer.

Who has time to blog?? and is it worth it?


Our Agency specializes in commercial insurance We have industry specific products designed for your business 704-864-6856

Our Agency specializes in commercial ins

Our Agency specializes in commercial insurance We have industry specific products designed for your business 704-864-6856